Friday, August 8, 2014

Monk Group Photo

I did "Herald of the Titans" with my fifth monk, Zenja, before I took my break. I bought a game card a couple of weeks ago, and found her in Jade Forest as level 85. The other day she reached level 90, and I've spent some time on Timeless Isle and in the raid finder with her. It's really nice seeing that I still remember all the monk moves so well. Yay for muscle memory. :-)

With all these monks, I figured it would be fun with a group photo! I've been very proud of the fact that I've actually managed to choose different face options for all five monks. :) (I actually have a sixth one that is only level 14 that has a sixth face!) But now I see that I seem to have unknowingly picked a favorite hair colour... (I knew about the favorite skin colour already.)

Say hi!

From left: Elyn (mistweaver/windwalker) - Shunbi (mistweaver/windwalker) - my main: Kinlai (brewmaster/windwalker) -  Ninasan (windwalker/brewmaster) - Zenja (windwalker/brewmaster)
The transmogs shown here aren't the same as they're wearing on live, as I wasn't able to load gear from Mists of Pandaria in my Modelviewer.

Anyone else level same class over and over? And even keep the same race, like me?

Have a great friday!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Musings from the sideline

It's been a little over 3 months since I started my break from WoW. I didn't really want to take this break; I have always had some kind of weird pride in "been playing since august 2007 and never even took a break", but now I couldn't justify keeping at it any longer. This break should have happened at the end of Wrath and Cata as well, but it didn't. I think that even though I had run out of stuff to do, I was kind of worried that if I allowed myself to take a break, it could lead to me not coming back at all after kicking the habit. That is, I knew that my playing habits were unhealthy.

Two different kinds of unhealthy actually.

One, I am guilty of turning down real life invites/events because of WoW. I've ignored phone calls and text messages because of WoW. I've pushed my cats away from my keyboard and desk because of WoW (gasp!). I've stayed logged in despite not having anything to do. I've ended nights with the thought "I've played way too much today, tomorrow I won't play at all" to then log in the second I wake up the next morning. I've checked WoW-news, theorycrafting and transmogging at work, beyond what I would think of as a reasonable amount of time. I've prioritzed WoW over pretty much everyone and everything in real life at times...

Two, I have a bad back. The thing with my back started before I started to play WoW, so I'm not gonna put the blame on WoW. I think it was a combination of too much stress at work, and too much relaxing after work (cause of the being dead-tired and beaten) that started the whole thing. The last 1,5 years it's been escalating though, and I've been through countless hours of physical therapy without really getting any better. I've had a nagging feeling that sitting in my computer chair at work and at home has at least slowed my progress to get better, and perhaps even worked against it. So when I decided to take my break in April, I also viewed it as an experiment, "will time away from all computer chairs make me better?". Of course, the experiment is already flawed, as I have changed up some other routines as well. I do 3 strength workouts per week, I go to physical therapy 2 times a week, and I go for walks every day. I've avoided my computer, and have instead been surfing on my phone, playing games on my PS3 and phone, and I have watched a hell of a lot of Netflix. And although I am better now than what I was 6 months ago, I'm not better than what I was one year ago, so I'm not really sure what to conclude in this regard.

The first month away from the game was kind of nice! I managed to avoid Twitter, WoW Insider and other blogs, just as I had meant to. And that was actually far worse than not playing any longer! But then I started checking Twitter and Feedly again. And this last month... I've wanted to play again so badly! I eventually made a list over what kind of things that would be good reasons to resubscribe, just to keep myself on track:

  • New content, which would be the pre-launch event.
  • My server connected with another server, so I can make alts with purpose and a future.
  • Some goals. Something I want to do. Hanging out in Shrine is out of the question!

And what do you know... My server IS getting connected! Probably next week. :) With Bronzebeard, a server I don't really know anything about, but I'm thrilled nonetheless!
As for the goals... Yeah, I have to keep thinking about that one for a bit. I could level some new alts. (Priest maybe? Or perhaps a warrior as something other than prot? A paladin? Ooh, ooh, a shaman!) And I have that 5th monk, Zenja, that is only level 85. I could probably do some pvp... And some Ulduar-runs for shards for my Val'anyr. Challenge modes on another character? (My paladin would be great, I love that set! Too bad I can't pally very well.)

On to the final thing I want to cover in this post. With the knowledge of my own unhealthy relationship to WoW, I feel like I shouldn't jump back into this blindly. While I've played other games, watched tv shows and read comics during this break, and in much the same way that I would normally play WoW, all these other things had pause buttons. And I didn't lock myself away from the world completely. There's gonna have to be some ground rules. Preferably realistic ones, so I won't break them straight away.

Physical rules:
  • 3 strength workouts every week
  • Physical therapy as needed
  • A 30 min walk every day
  • Getting up from the chair at least every 30 minutes to stretch legs/back (everyone should do this!)
  • New chair/screen/desk-setup (I'm testing with reclainer instead of office chair now)
Playtime rules (I might set up Parental Control for myself, as I tend to get a bit caught up in the moment):
  • No playing between 0:00 and 7:00 am
  • Max amount of hours per day: ___ (undecided)
  • Max amount of hours per week: ___ (undecided)
  • Respond to all calls/texts: Immediately if urgent. Same day if non-urgent.
  • No WoW-stuff at work!
  • Respond to real life-invites according to if I want to do them, not according to "it crashes with what I want to do with my Garrison every day"
  • No freaking hanging around in cities for more than 10 minutes. Either play or log off!
Other ideas to promote healthy play:
  • Don't choose the 6 month-subscription I normally have, even if it's cheaper overall. If I go for 1 month sub or gamecards I could take smaller breaks more often!

Any thoughts on these subjects would be much appreciated!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

A dramatic non-dramatic event

This isn't a dramatic goodbye at all. It still feels dramatic to me, as I haven't been in this situation before.

Don't ask me if I'm sure! This is hard enough...

It's not you, it's me! Ok, it's you. Ok ok, perhaps we both are to blame.

I really think I've tried to keep my own interest up. I do like daily quests, so no, that's not the problem. I have my Proving Ground title, I have my Challenge Mode gear, I finished Brawler's Guild, I got all four pets from the Celestial Tournament, I killed Garrosh on normal, I have 20k achievement points, I have 15 90's that are 500+ item level. Time has definitely been spent in this game. Perhaps too much time was spent? How can one produce enough content for an all-consuming consumer?

"Other reason" opens up a box with room for 255 characters. My 255 characters: "As you know I've played since August 2007 without any breaks. With the hype at Blizzcon and the statements about wanting expansions to be released quicker, I looked at Cata length and imagined MOP would last 21 months, which would have meant June-release." And then I ran out of room. Not the most well-put explanation... But I hope some sense can be made out of it. A 6 month gap between expected delivery and finished product is a lot for a person that doesn't know what to do anymore when they log on.

1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? That is really the question.

I've notified my guild that I will take a break from the game from the middle of April, for an unknown amount of time. I really can't tell if it will be a week, a month or a couple of months. My hope is that a break from WoW, from WoW-news, and perhaps most important; from opinions about WoW, will purify my relationship with the game. I'm hoping that my return to this amazing world will be magical. I've been a loyal fangirl the last 6,5 years, and to be perfectly honest, I prefer that role SO MUCH over the cynical annoyed consumer-person I've been developing into this last month. If New Draenor is half as good as Pandaria, and I'm certain it will be, I will be hooked again!

That is, if I'm not one of those that disappear... ;-)

Take care so long!
Hugs, Lae

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kinlai + Ponder

I asked Samaramon to draw a picture of Kinlai and my partner's character, Ponder. After a couple of hours this cute masterpiece returned to me!

Sam is accepting commissions! Check her DeviantArt-page for prices and rules, mail her your requests, visit her website and follow her on Twitter! :)


Monday, January 27, 2014

Challenge Conqueror: Gold

From left: Ponder, Swaty, Feilei, Kinlai (me), Ilienasan and Simelda

Congrats on a job well done on the Challenge Modes! I'm very happy we decided to do them, it's been so much fun. :)


Friday, January 24, 2014

Challenge Mode Gear

I've been tanking challenge modes lately with some friends from my guild. We have 6 gold medals so far, with 3 to go. I'm looking forward to getting the title, the mount and the pet for the guild vendor. But most of all I really want the transmog set.

Regal Lord Armor with
Preened Tribal War Feathers
and Crab-Leather Tabi

It's been a very fun experience, kind of like a mini-raid. They haven't been as difficult as we thought they would be. We've had a hard time in some that are considered easy, and we've breezed through others that are considered difficult. I would very much recommend everyone to try them out!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

World of Warcraft: Secrets of Argus (Community Blog Topic)

This is my contribution to WoW Insider's Community Blog Topic: Pitch your World of Warcraft expansion.

The open war between alliance and horde was finally over following Mists of Pandaria.
Both factions had traveled to Old Draenor to deal with the Iron Horde.
Back on Azeroth, Wrathion had learned about a titan artifact that could be of great help in the fight against the Burning Legion. This story was told in World of Warcraft: Titan (7.0).

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Priest Week: Summary

Oh Thealy, my dear Thealy.

Paladin Week: Summary

Ohmy is my paladin, and she was my third character to hit 70 in Burning Crusade. Paladin tanking in BC was a bit of a mess. Or, tanking in general really. What seemed most weird right now is that you needed a certain amount of Spell Power to make enough threat to hold mobs and bosses. Spells like Concecration and Avenger's Shield did holy damage, and thus became stronger with more spell power. The typical thing to do as a Protection Paladin was to go for a spell power-weapon in main hand. If I'm not mistaken, there was also "mana per 5" on some of the protection gear sets. Just like the hunter gear sets. Things have changed...

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Celestial Tournament

Pet Battles... I wasn't convinced at Blizzcon. About four months after launch I had a month of frenzied "collect all of them". I've beaten all trainers and all legendary pets. Heck, I even did them all in one day for [The Longest Day]. I haven't been doing a lot of pet battles (in my opinion), but I've done a fair share of them, now and then. When Timeless Isle arrived in patch 5.4, I fairly quickly beat Little Tommy Newcomer's Lil' Oondasta. But when I entered The Celestial Tournament all my pets died miserably... :'( I tried last week, and after a lot of work I beat all the three trainers. I gave one of the celestials one try, got wiped out SO FAST, and just left and logged out. I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to "start all over"... I've read a couple of blogs and Wowhead-comments since then, and leveled some core pets up while leveling my alt. I want to especially mention Cymre's Celestial Knock Out for motivating me to try again. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mage Week: Summary

The poor mages had to share week with another class named "patch". ;-) A lot of bloggers still found some time to show the mages some appreciation, although after hunter week the amount of posts declined a bit. After reading these posts, it seems to me that I'm not the only one that don't feel like I have the arcane, fire and frost magics under control.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mage Week

Inspired by the resent destruction of beautiful Vale of Eternal Blossoms, I'm gonna let my inner Sha handle Mage Week.


It makes me angry when others play their mages so well, but I just can't seem to get it right!

Hunter Week: Summary

Hunter Week was a great success! 70, SEVENTY, blog posts about hunters! Wow... And that's just the ones that I found. Some people took the ball and just ran with it! The Godmother made two new hunter alts, letting Twitter decide on faction/race and made an all-hunter horde guild on Draenor EU. Many people had several posts in them about their hunters, and there was a lot of proud posts with lots of feelings. This is not a contest, but if it was, hunters would be in the lead...

#HunterWeek (2 Sep - 8 Sep)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hunter Week

I don't even know where to start! You know the header image of this blog? (Move your eyes upwards from this text until you see a badass draenei hunter.) That is The Laeleiweyn running together with her pet Ratchet. Ratchet was her first pet, an Infected Nightstalker from outside of Exodar on Azuremyst Isle, and he is named after PS2-game Ratchet and Clank. It troubled me quite a bit that he was in fact "infected", but he's still alive and well, thank you. (Infected didn't have the deeper meaning that newbie Lae imagined.) In her hand Laeleiweyn is holding Rhok'delar.

Druid Week: Summary

When Druid Week started, I had two goals for my Lilliel:
  1. Change spec from boomkin to feral
  2. Get to level 90

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Draenei Druid

It is #DruidWeek, and to show her appreciation for the druids that have been keeping her alive, safe and with company, Kinlai has dressed up as a druid! Crazy crazy...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Death Knight Week: Summary

So, how did Death Knight Week go for me?

Salay did get to tank the World Bosses. I think I died 3 times on Oondasta, AFTER bragging on Twitter about how good I was getting at managing my survivability cooldowns... She also tanked some heroic scenarios, which I kind of like. In normal scenarios people can get a bit annoyed if a tank joins, but in heroic scenarios they're just happy to not have to deal with aggro. She has also done all of Throne of Thunder (LFR), BUT as DPS in frost spec (with her tank gear equipped). I didn't really like the Frost Spec much, so I'm sticking with my Blood Spec. But I couldn't make myself tank LFR all on my own, so there's that. I am a coward. I'll keep doing some heroic scenarios and world bosses here and there, but after doing those LFRs, I have concluded that it's not really my wish to have all of my characters following the same progression path, so I will likely not do those on her anymore.

Druid Week

Druid is a class that is extremely important to me. My own feeble attempts at druidism make up a sad story, so this is mostly about the other druids that I love.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Death Knight Week

This is my Death Knight, Salay. She was my third character to reach 90 after my monk and my hunter, which must mean I like her.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Alt Appreciation!

Are you a fellow altoholic? Do you love all your alts equally, or do you have some alts that are kind of... neglected? Did you have plans to level, gear or roleplay them all, but never got around to it?

I would like for everyone to join me the next 11 weeks (and perhaps we continue after that as well) to celebrate all the classes!